Living in Dubai is a dream of many. Dubai offers all the luxury and entertainment that one can imagine in their dream life. The lavish lifestyle and the royal living makes it a wonderful experience. Dubai has amazing skyscrapers, like Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab. It also has opulent villas like District One Villas Dubai and Dubai Creek Villas. It is a haven for shoppers. There are some affordable places to buy clothes, as not everything in Dubai is expensive. You can even bargain in Souks and market to get a reduced price. Dubai Shopping Festival and Dubai summer surprises are the events when you must do shopping. These festivals offer amazing deals and discounts.

Here are some places to buy affordable clothes in Dubai


Dubai outlet mall is located at the Dubai Al-ain roads. It has a dome shape that can be witnessed from a distance and the parking of the mall is huge. The timing of the mall is from 10 AM to 10 PM and it opens 7 days a week. A lot of tourists visit this mall to avail some excellent deals.

All the famous designers and retailers sell their discounted items at the Dubai outlet mall.

The shops offer up to 30% off on the regular clothing. These clothes may be very large or small in size or some of them may be damaged. You just have to be prepared to bargain.


Dragon Mart is huge and designed following a maze theme. The products here are mostly made in China. It includes clothes of all the ages from children to adults. You have to be patient while roaming around the big halls of the mart. Clothing in the mart is cheap, but cannot be returned.

The designer clothes in the mall are expensive. The mid-range clothes are of reasonable price. You are going to need a taxi or car to access the Mall.


The global village is more than just an entertainment venue. There is a wide range of products available for sale. You can find cheap products from these sales. You can also find economical clothing brands from different countries. The global village is very famous around the world. People from all around the globe visit Dubai to embark on shopping ventures in the Global village, as it offers amazing deals and discounts.


It is located near the old neighbourhood of Dubai Creek. It is an adventure in discount shopping. There are a variety of different products being sold in small shops. Your bargaining skills are going to help you a lot. The price quoted by them at first is never going to be the price it will be sold on. You have to be attentive over there to get good pricing.

The preferable way is to roam around the market and the shopkeeper will call you by shouting the name of the brand he is retailing. The fake copies are sold in the back of the shops. However, the fake copies are banned in Dubai, so the shopkeepers will probably not allow you to take photos.


Nowadays, everything is available on digital platforms. Clothing of all the genders and age can be bought online through delivery application and online stores. You have to check the reviews and the age of the store before buying anything.  If you are in Dubai for business purposes, using this approach to carry out your shopping ventures can be beneficial.

Namshi is an application to buy clothes. You can bargain online in this application. Prices on Namshi are slightly lower than in the shops. The clothes can be exchanged and the delivery is free.

uThrift clothing is another market to buy clothing at affordable prices. uThrift clothing sells pre-loved clothing.  The delivery charges are free if your order exceeds AED 150.

Dubai is a very unique city. It is unique for its amazing records, architecture, and societies like Port De La Mer Dubai, Burj Khalifa, and Emirates hills. You can invest in a house in these cities and fulfill all your affordable shopping ventures in Dubai.

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